History of Fabrication Products, Inc.

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Fabrication Products, Inc. (FPI) was conceived in 1985 after the creator Ron Jones, dabbled in unsuccessful similar ventures. The business centered on light commercial fabrication and installation. The one-man operation survived for a couple of years before adding one employee and a part time bookkeeper, Marsha Dee.

Early Years:

Projects in the 1980’s were mostly light to medium commercial and industrial in nature. Typical clients were Frito Lay, STC, CARGILL, United Grain and Precision Cast Parts.  Before the end of the decade, FPI was fabricating and installing major material handling equipment for grain export facilities, food processors and high tech manufacturers.

Early 1990’s:

In the early 1990’s, FPI yearned for more exposure to larger, more complex projects. The era offered opportunity to pursue complex structural steel commercially and in the industrial sector.  Soon, FPI would be fabricating and erecting complex building structures. Some early accomplishments included multi story towers, bridges and framing.

Also, we discovered and pursued Hydro work related to the US Army Corp of Engineers. In 1992, FPI successfully bid, awarded, and completed a complex “streamlined stop-log” project for Portland District of the US Army Corp of Engineers.  It was a massive project with excessive risk which could make or break the company. The results were a gateway to more complex and highly technical future Hydro Projects.

Late 1990’s:

The late 1990’s saw FPI evolve into more sophisticated and complex Structural Steel and Hydro specific projects. Local and regional US Army Corp of Engineers entities required sophisticated contracts to provide complex fabrication for Dam and Fish Management and FPI was primed and eager to fill the need.

Early 2000’s:

FPI continued to produce a wide variety of quality structural steel and complex hydro fabrications. The decade also introduced the fabrication world to new high tech welding and quality control regulations imposed by commercial and government agencies. AISC Certification became a desire and requirement to advance and survive in order to succeed.

Late 2000’s:

The pursuit of an AISC Certification would not be easy, cheap, or sustainable without a serious commitment to quality and perseverance. FPI chose to engage in a costly and demanding business model that would lead to larger and even more complex Hydro Electric and Structural projects. FPI continues to adhere to the strict requirements to our AISC Certification, Fracture Critical and Sophisticated Paint Endorsement.

Early 2010’s:

The success of FPI’s AISC Certification, with the leadership of Greg Sword, led to more exposure to the US Army Corp of Engineer’s, Bureau of Reclamation and other like Hydro Agencies across the country.

FPI has stayed diversified meeting Structural, Bridge and Hydro needs with the quality and efficiency required.

Focusing on the fabrication supply aspect of our projects was the new direction of the company leaving the installation to trusted contractors was key to our continued success.


After 31 successful years of fabrication, Ron Jones, retired and sold the company to Marsha Dee and Greg Sword. Two very valuable and experienced employees, who with the dedication, loyalty and respect to Ron, are driven to continue to provide exceptional product and service to our valued clients.